• ReImagine Pants & Belt Bag


  • $36.00

  • This is a one-of-a-kind upcycled bag, made from a discarded pair of pants and a belt for the bag strap. With the pants pockets on the inside of the bag and a red "146" to remind you of her number, it's sustainable fashion at its best—creating opportunity for the artisans who made it, caring for the earth by recycling what others disposed of, and supporting the mission of Love146 to end child trafficking & exploitation.

    This bag measures 16" x 14", and from the top center of the bag to the top center of the strap is 17". (Note that the last two pictures are to show you the pockets, but those are on the inside of the bag.) All items have been washed and are ready to be loved; keep in mind that some minor wear may be apparent, since they are made from used products, and we have made no attempt to cover or hide logos from the original makers.

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