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  • *Seconds are items that are sometimes made by newly trained workers who are in the process of learning how to be excellent tailors and seamstresses.  Rather than discard them, we've embraced them as part of the Imagine Goods story and process.  We are proud to offer them to you at the discounted rate of 30% off. This one is marked as a Second because the button hole for the waistband was misplaced, so you'd just have to wrap the belt around rather than slipping it through a hole. Don't worry - most people probably won't even notice, and you'll be getting it for a steal! (Sorry, I'm sure you'll understand why seconds items cannot be returned.)

    The Lucy skirt is reversible! So you get two fun, flirty, skirty silhouettes for the price of one. A wrap-around skirt with a super-flattering line, it falls just right and can be adjusted to fit you perfectly.

    NEW! This Lucy has a pull-through button hole in the waistband so that the belt can easily be tied on the side, back, or however you want to wear it! Also, note that this one is 22" long (some are 24").
    This product is part of the Carousel line of Imagine Goods items. That means that we hand-pick the fabric from locals in the open-stall markets of Phnom Penh -- one more link on the sustainable (and dignifying) supply chain . . . and an experience not to be missed! It also means that we may not be able to find this particular fabric again soon, so if you love it, buy it now!
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