• SECOND Love146 Tank - XXS


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  • *Seconds are items that are sometimes made by newly trained workers who are in the process of learning how to be excellent tailors and seamstresses.  Rather than discard them, we've embraced them as part of the Imagine Goods story and process.  We are proud to offer them to you at the discounted rate of 30% off. This shirt has some small stains on it. Don't worry - most people probably won't even notice, and you'll be getting it for a steal! (Sorry, I'm sure you'll understand why seconds items cannot be returned.)

    Fair wear & sustainability at it’s best, this is a one-of-a-kind refashioned tank top, meaning that we take previously worn shirts and alter them into something unique and chic. With the Love146 logo and a bold graphic silk-screened onto the shirt, this is sustainable fashion at its best—creating opportunity for the artisans who made it and caring for the earth by recycling what others disposed of, and supporting the mission of Love146 to end child trafficking & exploitation.

    All shirts have been washed and are ready to be loved again; keep in mind that some minor wear may be apparent, and we have made no attempt to cover or hide logos from the original makers.

    These tanks are fitted and they run a bit small.

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