• the Envelope Clutch - SECOND

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  • *Seconds are items that are sometimes made by newly trained workers who are in the process of learning how to be excellent tailors and seamstresses.  Rather than discard them, we've embraced them as part of the Imagine Goods story and process.  We are proud to offer them to you at the discounted rate of 30% off. Most people probably won't even notice there's anything amiss, and you'll be getting it for a steal while supporting our artisan-survivors! (Sorry, I'm sure you'll understand why seconds items cannot be returned.)

    The envelope clutch has the perfect slim silhouette to throw into a bag when you want to keep things separate. Measuring 11" x 8", with an internal zipper pocket and a magnet closure, keep this in your backpack or purse for all those little things you want to keep secure!

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