• the Salvage + Design women's t-shirt

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  • This t-shirt is the perfect fitted women's fit crew neck, made of soft cotton with a slight stretch (95% cotton, 5% spandex). Made by survivors of trafficking, your purchase empowers women and their families to live changed lives!

    Part of our Artist's Series, this design was commissioned of Salvage+Design, the Connecticut-based design team of Kristen and Colin Meyer. We asked them to create an image that embodies "empowerment", and here's what they said:

    Although we can initially think of empowerment as relating to the individual, it's much more of an exchange of strength between people; sometimes it's holding someone up, and sometimes it's being lifted up by the support of others. While the individual is empowered, the source of empowerment doesn't come from individualism but from a united community.  

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