(our version of a buy-back program)


Because Imagine Goods is committed to sustainability, we want to make sure that our goods don't go to the landfill. So we'll take your items back!

Here's how it works:

1. Send your used Imagine Goods item(s) to us.

2. You'll receive a discount on a future Imagine Goods purchase:

- 1 item: 5%

- 2 items: 10%

- 3 items: 15%

- 4 items: 20%

- 5+ items: 25%

3. Look for the ImagineAgain section on our website in 2020 where you'll be able to buy these used goods!



- Who pays for shipping?

Because we're just starting this program up, and we're not sure how much interest there'll be for the used items, we just can't pay for your shipping (sorry!). We suggest that you send your items first class, which is super cheap! Or if you live in the Lancaster, PA area, you can find us at an event nearby and give us your used Imagine Goods items in person! If you do that, you'll be able to use your discount right then on anything we're selling at the event or take your discount home and use it later on!


- Where do I ship the used Imagine Goods items?

Imagine Goods

403 Mt. Sidney Rd.

Lancaster, PA 17602


- How will I get my discount?

When you send your item to us, be sure to include a note with your full name and email address so that we can email your discount code. You'll be able to use that code at checkout.


- Will the discount code expire?

Nope. It'll be good for one use whenever you want to use it.


- Will I be able to combine this discount with other sale discounts?

No, sorry--one discount code per purchase. But if you wind up turning more items in before you've used a code previously earned from a turn-in, you can combine them for the added discounts shown above (up to 25%).


Other questions? Shoot us an email: