ReSale Shop Info

What exactly is the ReSale Shop?

The ReSale Shop is where we re-sell previously loved Imagine Goods, because we don't believe that something has to be new to be valuable.

How does it work?

You can send us your previously loved Imagine Goods item and we'll look it over. If it meets our criteria to be re-sold (see below), we'll give you a gift card to the Imagine Goods store worth 30% of the sale price. Simple, huh?

What are the criteria for acceptable goods?

- They have to have been bought online at our store. If you bought an Imagine Goods item at a mortar-and-bricks store, shoot us an email to ask us whether we'll accept it.

- It has to be in good condition. We can't accept anything with tears, holes, noticeable stains, or other glaring faults. If there's a minor issue, we might accept it—you can always send us an email to ask!

This is so cool! What's the reason you decided to re-sell items?

Like always, we strongly value the concept of sustainability—which can carry different meanings when applied to various ideas. When it comes to our prices, we want the cost of that item to be able to sustain every person connected to it with a living wage. When it comes to environmental sustainability, we recognize that previously owned products are the most sustainable products out there. They already exist, and no new resources are needed for their production. It also keeps stuff out of our landfills, which is something we try to do as much as possible. 

Honestly, we don't love the concept that is often pushed by retail businesses that you "need" this new item! Um, no. . . you probably don't need it. But we also recognize that every now and then, you want something new and lovely, and that's ok. But we want to be able to provide conscientious shoppers with lots of ethical options, so this was a natural next step.

Excellent! Where do I send my Imagine Goods item for ReSale consideration?

Send it to us at:

Imagine Goods

403 Mt. Sidney Rd.

Lancaster, PA 17602

Do you have more questions? Shoot us a line, and we'll get back with you as soon as possible!