• "Love Works" women's t-shirt

    Imagine Goods, Sustainable Supply Co.

  • $32.00

  • As we at Imagine Goods work to empower survivors of trafficking, we realize that there are people all around us who need to be empowered in different ways. We desire to promote a society in which we all work together, listening to each other and working against injustice.  

    But please, don't buy this shirt unless you're ready to live it. Be ready to explain why you are wearing this shirt. If someone sees you wearing it and wants to talk (it may be a conversation starter), be quicker to listen than you are to speak, no matter where the conversation leads. It all starts with hearing one another. 

    So here is your checklist before you buy and wear this shirt:

    • I commit to listen.
    • I commit to take a stand against injustice.
    • I commit to love.

    Made of soft cotton with a slight stretch (95% cotton, 5% spandex). Made by survivors of trafficking, your purchase empowers women and their families to live changed lives!

    Want to connect to the person behind the product?
     You'll see an image like this on your product label. It's called an Artisan Symbol, and it represents a worker who made this item! You can go to our Artisans page to read about him or her.
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