• the Sheer Duster

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  • This flowy, open-front duster has POCKETS! (Yeah, they make us happy, too.) In a gorgeous, soft, sheer rayon we know you'll love and wear all summer!
    A note regarding the name of this item:
    Sometimes we get it wrong. When we originally named this piece of clothing a "kimono", we took a piece of cultural heritage of the Japanese people and co-opted it in a way that was insensitive and...well, just plain wrong. Real Kimonos are a work of art, and look nothing like this piece of clothing. 
    Face palm. But not the self-effacing kind that says, "Silly me! I didn't know!"..this is a face palm that reflects true shame, because it is a part of our foundational values to try to see and hear the people around us. Not to imagine that we know what people are thinking, needing, or feeling. But to listen to what they are saying. 
    As a rule, we think that shame is not a helpful emotion...if you just wallow in it or ignore it. But as a pointer--a compass--that can direct you to a helpful and healthy change, it is useful.
    We at Imagine Goods exist to empower vulnerable and marginalized people. It's why we work with artisans who are survivors of trafficking--if we can buy our things from people who have been made vulnerable, it's the first small step in rectifying a system that gives to people in power at the cost of people whose voices have been silenced. Cultural appropriation is a part of that system, and we are sorry for having thoughtlessly participated.
    We apologize for getting it wrong. We'll do better. We promise.
    This product is part of the Carousel line of Imagine Goods items. That means that we hand-pick the fabric from locals in the open-stall markets of Phnom Penh -- one more link on the sustainable (and dignifying) supply chain . . . and an experience not to be missed! It also means that we may not be able to find this particular fabric again soon, so if you love it, buy it now!
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